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Rehabilitation Farm Project

This home is located at the Balcones Lane in the Restrepo municipality, Meta Department, Colombia.

The area takes about three hectares of land. We have a housing area and are implementing a farming site in sustainable development. There is an area to raise swine and chickens, as well as livestock enclosures for milking cows, and a vegetable garden.

Our objective is to assist young women victims of drug abuse or that have been through a traumatic situation that has left them in an emotionally vulnerable state.  This space is provided for recovery, and for their physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Tomatillo Plant

Our residents are always in contact with nature, and through nature, in the presence of God. It is in this environment that we help them work to restore their lost values. Contemplation of nature, harvesting our own vegetables, tending to the farm animals, are some of the experiences that help our residents establish contact with God, at the same time that they are creating personal bonds with other residents, like our elderly brothers and sisters. 

Putting Garbage Bag

Our young residents serve by assisting with the care of the elderly, which at the same time is helping them create human connections with other vulnerable human beings. By feeling needed and useful with our older residents, our young women come to realize that they are capable of becoming a productive member of society.

Farmer at Work

Our residents also benefit from spiritual talks and retreats, as well as confession and preparation to receive the sacraments. The Farm also provides spaces and opportunities to practice sports and other recreational activities.

With this Farm project, our youth seek an encounter with God, with themselves, their neighbors and with creation.  We seek integration of all these areas. In other words, spirituality, fraternity, service, and work.

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